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5 Reasons You Should Get A Professional To Write Your Resume

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Should you get a professional to write your resume? The answer is a resounding YES. But since I’m a professional resume writer myself, obviously you’ll need a little more convincing to spend money on something that you haven’t invested in before.

Here are 5 reasons for why you need a good resume and why you need the help of a professional.  

1. It’s been a looong time since you were in the job search market.

You haven’t updated your resume in years and you’re not getting any call backs from jobs you’ve applied to. The problem could lie in the formatting, layout or style of your resume. Why is this an issue? Because technologies and styles constantly change and evolve, meaning your 4 year old resume is definitely outdated. A professional resume writer stays on top of resume trends and can help you figure out what your resume should look like.

2. Your ambition is taking you in a new direction.

You aren’t really sure how to sell yourself in your new job or career. Why should you worry about this? Because if your goals and experience have changed then so should your content. Without the proper key words or a well written cover letter which explains why you’re the best candidate, your resume will end up in the reject pile. A resume writer can help you to figure out your elevator pitch and put it into words that make sense on the page.

3. Employers like being sold.

You’re unsure what employers are looking for. Why do you need to know what employers want? Because grabbing an employer’s attention is half the battle. A resume writer with regular contact with employers or previous similar experience can help you figure out exactly what job givers are looking for, and market your awesomeness in a way that gets you from application to interview.

4. Writing isn’t really your strong suit.

Your writing skills extend to texts, emails and the occasional grocery list. So why isn’t your experience enough to overcome your writing? Because employers may be looking at hundreds of resumes for a single job and they want to be impressed. So yes, that single spelling mistake could be the difference between your resume ending up in the yes or no pile. A professional writer not only checks and double checks all wording in your resume, but they craft your story in a way that will entice potential employers, while keeping your resume clean and concise.

5. You just don’t have the time.

You’re time poor and don’t want to waste any energy on your job search that isn’t absolutely critical. Why should you invest in a professional then? Because a resume writer will be able to take away the stress of needing to have a quality resume in a short amount of time.

Look at it this way: 9 times out of 10 you’ll need a resume in order to get a job. Investing in a professional resume may just give you the edge you need to shorten your job search and land the right job, sooner. Convinced? Check out my packages and choose one that is right for you.



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