You have less than ten seconds to make a good impression on a potential employer - does your resume pass the test?I can help you! I work directly with my clients to craft unique selling points, form a cohesive story, and create the best chance for success. 

Why work with me? I have helped hundreds of clients in Australia and overseas with their career transitions, so I know what it takes to succeed. I know what recruiters are looking for, what selling points make the greatest impact, and how to stand out in a crowded space. My clients say that I'm a good listener and I boost their confidence in the job search.

Who do I work with? Everyone! If you're bored in your current job, want more responsibility, or want to turn that childhood dream into reality, talk to me. I have experience with entry level jobs right up to executive positions across industries such as government, tech, retail, fashion, IT, non-profit, transport, marketing, sales, hospitality, and finance.

What's next? Check out my packages - there's something for everyone. Have further questions? Contact me and I can look at your resume and recommend a course of action. I look forward to meeting you!